søndag den 15. juni 2014

Dear viewers
I have realized that it is SO long time since my last blog entry - and the reason is that I have been doing 'real' work in China for the last more than 2 years. This does not mean that I have forgot about diving! I have been using any chance to go diving but since holidays are limited and since diving in China is not recommendable, then it has been a bit quiet. So photos are from Thailand and from my limited holidays during last two years...

mandag den 31. december 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi blog followers
Yes, I know that I am not writing so often here anymore, but I have been busy working in Beijing
However, for Christmas and New Year I have gone back to where it all started: Koh Tao. So you will get some photos and impressions from the last 1+ week here.

tirsdag den 21. august 2012

2.5 years on the road...

It is now more than 2.5 year ago that I left Denmark, to travel Thailand, Malaysia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Egypt - and now almost 6 months working in Beijing China
And why not celebrate my 2.5 year anniversary to actually come home to Denmark? Well, I needed a summer holiday anyway so that I could go the Skanderborg (music) festival, which ended around one week ago. And now I am actually working pretty hard in my summer house which has been neglected a bit over the last 2+ years. So I have been doing some painting of external parts of the summer house where it was needed (e.g. windows and the roof of the playhouse ;o). Even though I have had a company to do some of the work in the garden, certain parts were also heavily neglected (I am still amazed how much plants and not least weed can grow in just a single Danish spring).
My time in Denmark has been with probably the best weather which Denmark has had this year, so my timing was perfect. 25+ degrees several days - almost too warm for work in the garden ;o)
Next Sunday I will go back to Beijing
The photos show my summerhouse, and some of the 'projects' that I have done during my stay. Also some photos from nearby fields where the harvest season is almost finished. And of course a single (mobile phone) photo from Skanderborg festival (my camera was low on battery from beginning :o( )
Denmark has been and still is showing itself from the absolute most beautiful side - I am grateful ;o)

Inner Mongolia trip

Before leaving for Holiday in Denmark, I went on a weekend team event with Nokia - to Inner Mongolia.
Describing Inner Mongolia is like describing Denmark. Relatively flat but beautiful landscapes. Inner Mongolia has lots of grassland - but to be honest there is very little culture. The culture is kind of re-invented, since the original culture of the Mongolians were merged with the Chinese culture - actually after the Mongolians invaded large parts of China. So except for the beautiful scenary (which even after around 30 hours in a bus gets a little bit boring), there is not much to say about Inner Mongolia. I also managed to get a cold there, which I almost 3 weeks later is still trying to fight. So maybe not the best memories for me about this place. or maybe the organisation of the trip was just a bit too bad - with most time was spent in a bus and getting up at 5 every day (to see the same area). And as said the culture is a bit vague. Get on a horse being dragged by a man for one hour. Shoot some arrows. Go in a gocart like thing. Look at rebuilt stone monuments. And go shoot with laser guns or go skiing down grass hills. Very original Mongolian... ;o). And I did not even mention the food experience here ;o)
Inner Mongolia is beautiful, yes, but after a few hours you have seen the most. My suggestion: Yes, go there, but take an airplane in the morning, have a look at it, and take the evening flight home (this is not easy since the area is super large, but at least you can get the idea of the area ;o)
Or simply look at the photos attached ;o)

lørdag den 14. juli 2012

life in Beijing

Greetings (still) from Beijing
Yes, I am still working for Nokia, yes, I work too much, but weekends I can go look around a bit.
I have been visiting the temple of heaven, I have been on a team event ('beach' like place in ChaoYang park), and I have been working. In August I will come to Denmark - first to the famous Skanderborg music festival. Enjoy the photos ;o)