tirsdag den 21. august 2012

Inner Mongolia trip

Before leaving for Holiday in Denmark, I went on a weekend team event with Nokia - to Inner Mongolia.
Describing Inner Mongolia is like describing Denmark. Relatively flat but beautiful landscapes. Inner Mongolia has lots of grassland - but to be honest there is very little culture. The culture is kind of re-invented, since the original culture of the Mongolians were merged with the Chinese culture - actually after the Mongolians invaded large parts of China. So except for the beautiful scenary (which even after around 30 hours in a bus gets a little bit boring), there is not much to say about Inner Mongolia. I also managed to get a cold there, which I almost 3 weeks later is still trying to fight. So maybe not the best memories for me about this place. or maybe the organisation of the trip was just a bit too bad - with most time was spent in a bus and getting up at 5 every day (to see the same area). And as said the culture is a bit vague. Get on a horse being dragged by a man for one hour. Shoot some arrows. Go in a gocart like thing. Look at rebuilt stone monuments. And go shoot with laser guns or go skiing down grass hills. Very original Mongolian... ;o). And I did not even mention the food experience here ;o)
Inner Mongolia is beautiful, yes, but after a few hours you have seen the most. My suggestion: Yes, go there, but take an airplane in the morning, have a look at it, and take the evening flight home (this is not easy since the area is super large, but at least you can get the idea of the area ;o)
Or simply look at the photos attached ;o)

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